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Western Mass. Bike Shop Offers Tips for Thwarting Zombie Attacks via Bicycle

Those prescient people at New Horizon Sports in Westfield, MA have clearly read the Centers for Disease Control’s Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse manual, and have taken this survival guide a step further for the cycling crowd. From their website: “It is a well known fact that in a Zombie attack mass transit systems fail, highways become clogged with abandoned cars, and gas is unavailable. In situations like this your bicycle is the most reliable means of transportation, enabling you to locate a Zombie-free refugee center.”
Mary MacAdam, resident Zombie Expert at New Horizons Sports in Westfield, MA, says “It’s important to keep your bike prepared. Get an annual tune-up  and practice riding to be ready for Zombie escape at any time. In addition to your bike there are some important accessories to have on hand, such as:

Mary also recommends getting out and riding on a regular basis to prepare yourself for a Zombie attack escape. “Bicycling frequently is an ideal way to get fit and be able to outrun Zombies.”

Her colleague, Don, also suggests a few items for a family escape, such as a Chariot Child Trailer to escape with the kids, and if your significant other is not as cycling fit as you, a KHS Tandem Cycle to get you both out of Zombie danger.

The bike shop also offers regular evening and weekend bike rides where Zombie escape tactics are discussed and practiced. Additional information is available by calling 413-562-5237

Thanks to @advcyclingassoc for the tweet tip

(Image from Post-Carbon Comics)

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